Servant Salamander

Servant Salamander 4.0

Servant Salamander is a classic two-pane file manager for Windows
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Servant Salamander is a straightforward application that lets us explore, view, access, and manage any file, folder, drive, removable and/or external device, local network, etc., which we may have installed on our computer or connected to it. This program works very similar to Windows Explorer; the main difference being that the user interface of Servant Salamander is divided into two sections. The two-panel interface gives us the possibility to perform two searches and work with the two lists at a time. We can compare both sections, sort them by name, extension, size, and type, pack/unpack a given directory to an archive, change coding to Windows, Mac, Linux; view the disk space occupied and the cluster used by any item, the number of directories, the drive information, etc. In addition, this program can display the list of plug-ins that we have got as well as specific information for each one. We can opt to remove/test/configure/unload that plug-ins, or choose to add more plug-ins directly from the "plug-in" folder that is included in this program. We can open and manage the command shell in a pop up window, etc. This piece of software used to be delivered on a freeware basis, but not anymore. Now, there is a free evaluation version that can be tested for thirty days.

Review summary


  • We can compare the content of two drivers, folders, etc
  • Code change option
  • Glossary of computing terms


  • A little bit expensive
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